14 ways you can be sure that you are obsessed with pizza

If you are like me, you love pizza. LOVE pizza. That being said, there are some tell-tale signs that you may be just a little obsessed with pizza. We will use relationships to make this comparison!

  1. It doesnt matter what kind of toppings your significant other is wearing, they always appear they are going out for a fancy dinner.
  2. Your significant other accepts you for all that you are. You could be covered in tomato sauce or smell like garlic.
  3. Once your significant other comes to visit, you feel 100 times better about life.
  4. Your significant other will NEVER judge you based on your body.
  5. Your significant other is the best company to have. They always keep you warm on cold nights.
  6. Your significant other loves to watch Netflix with you and NEVER tells you what to watch.
  7. You experienced love at first sight with your your significant other the first time you met.
  8. You cannot live without your significant other.
  9. There is no other smell on the planet that smells as good as your significant other.
  10. When you are feeling down, all you have to do is call your significant other and they will be by your side within 30 minutes.
  11. Your significant other loves eating with your family.
  12. The relationship you and your significant other have is fully supported by your parents.
  13. You are always happy to spend time with your significant other. Seven days a week, 365 days a year. You always have time for them.
  14. Eating with your significant other is never expensive. You can eat at home for just a few dollars.

The proverbial To Do app

There are plenty of tutorials out there that show you how to build a to do app. My issue with them, is they all seemed to build the same to do app. What I will show you in this set of tutorials, is how to build a to do app, but a to do app with a little extra oomph.

The app we will end up with at the end of this series will do the following:

  • Add lists
  • Edit¬†lists
  • Delete lists
  • Input list items
  • Edit list items
  • Delete list items
  • Share a lists items with an email address

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A little math

In this tutorial, we will create a simple calculator that converts human years to dog years.

Start by creating a ‘Single View Application.’ Open up your Main.storyboard. We will want to add:

  • A UILabel x 3
  • A UITextField x 1
  • A UIButton x 1

Add some placeholder text to your UITextField. Change the text of your UIButton to ‘Convert Age.’ Change one of your UILabels to ‘Your dogs age is”. Clear the second UILabel. Change the last UILabel to ‘years old.’

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